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Photo Galleries

As well as the 2015 Finals Day pictures, there are 5 other Photo galleries on the website :

   *   Photographs of the Centenary Exhibition Match held on August 16th 1997, which featured David Bryant, Andy Thomson, Gary Smith and Tony Allcock;
   *   Old black and white photographs of the original club in the early 20th century;
   *   Photographs of the construction of the new club, taken between 1988 and 1994;
   *   Photographs of the 2015 Mens Triples Tournament;
   *   Photographs taken at the 25th Anniversary Lunch, held in Knockholt Village Centre.

To go to the individual pages, click on the appropriate link.

All the photographs on each page are in a photo carousel, which will automatically move to the next photograph every 7 or 8 seconds.
If you hover the cursor over the photographs, backwards and forwards arrows will appear.  Rather than wait for a photograph to move on automatically, you can also move on by clicking on the arrows.


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